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The Counseling and Assessment Center at Texas A&M University created the Tele-psychology website to distribute content for tele-therapy and psychological resources for learners of all experience levels. The learners for this module are students in the psychology program at Texas A&M University who are nearing certification to become licensed psychologists and experienced clinical psychologists seeking training in the tele-psychology space. Materials created for this project are open source which will allow any user to consume this information. The Counseling and Assessment Center is in the process of redesigning its online Tele-psychology training modules. This new module includes more interactive features and real-world applications than before, as well as formative and summative assessments to track students’ learning throughout the course. 

The course incorporates multiple forms of media and interactions, as well as elements of storytelling to pique the learners’ interest. After completing this module, the learner will be able to: 

The module uses content from the existing microsite, and we partnered with subject matter experts to reimagine how we deliver the information using a scenario-based learning approach.

This module is designed and developed in Articulate Rise. Our team designed the course in a responsive template allowing the information to be consumed through desktop or mobile devices. We used a guided, scenario-based learning approach throughout the module to support and challenge learners in a sustained and proactive way at the point of learning. This approach promotes critical thinking, application of new knowledge, and allows learners to interact with a mixed media learning experience in a safe environment.  

Introduction and Learning Objectives

Scenario-Based Knowledge Check