Camtasia Video Creation and Editing

Acrylic Pour Painting Lesson

This example comes from a lesson I designed using Camtasia, a video-editing software program with quiz and assessment tools that can be integrated during the editing process. It was developed as part of an Educational Video Design class while pursuing my Master’s of Education degree in Learning Design and Technology at Texas A&M University. I chose to create lessons that demonstrated hands-on learning in a virtual environment.

Learning Objectives

The first scene of the video introduces the learner to the learning objectives. The learner knows exactly what they should be able to do by the end of the video.

Accessibility and Organization

This video lesson includes accessibility, organization, and assessment tools available within Camtasia. This video lesson is designed to be accessible and interactive. Voice-overs with closed captioning are utilized throughout the entire lesson. A Table of Contents is included for easy navigation through the lesson, however the quizzes are required for the video to continue/complete.

Formative Assessment

This lesson includes formative assessments to check for both understanding and engagement. The learner is not allowed to move on through the lesson until understanding of the material is demonstrated through formative assessments.

Summative Assessment

A summative assessment to wrap up the lesson is given to the learner at the conclusion of the video.